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What to consider when adopting a specially-abled pet

Hello friends! Tuki here coming to you from my perch at the Potter League. You probably know there is a day to celebrate just about everything, but did you know there is a National Specially-abled Pets Day? There is – and it is May 3. You are probably reading this after May 3 but, I wanted to celebrate those specially-abled pets and give you some advice if you are thinking about adopting one!

Just like people, some pets have different abilities than others. A specially-abled pet requires help with everyday activities because of a physical disability, an injury or a chronic health condition such as blindness. Fortunately, these specially-abled pets can live great lives.

A PetFinder poll found special needs pets are the third-hardest animals to place, behind senior pets and bully breeds. Many of these “less adoptable” pets spend much longer waiting for a loving home, often more than four times the average wait. Choosing to adopt a pet with special needs in many cases means saving the life of that pet or at the very least means that you’re taking on an amazing task that few would even consider facing.

If you are considering adopting a specially-abled pet, here are some things you should think about:

Consider the commitment. Caring for these pets can be extremely rewarding; however, they can sometimes require more time than other pets. They may need help with going to the bathroom or have special equipment they wear for walking. All these things take time so if you don’t have the time to devote to these activities, it’s ok to say that now is not the right time to adopt that specially-abled pet. Further, the environment at home needs to meet the needs of the pet and owners have to be committed to providing exercise, stimulation and training when necessary. Additionally, the cost of medical care should also be taken into consideration. We would encourage adopters to explore pet insurance options to help with any costs.

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