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Weekly arrest report (7/8/22 – 7/15/22)

CASPER, Wyo. — Here are the week’s compiled arrest logs for law enforcement agencies in Natrona County. The logs represent law enforcement contact with suspects who were arrested, and the recommended charges against them.

The arrest log is not a comprehensive document and may not represent all of the arrests made in a given time period.

The log does not contain information for juvenile offenders, suspects recommended for charges of a sexual nature, or information for persons arrested in Natrona County who have bonded or bailed out of the detention center before law enforcement releases the information.

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office. Information is provided by the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office.

7/8/22 – 7/11/22

  • Travis Schaub – Possession of controlled substance
  • Thesha Fellon – Fail to comply, interference with peace officer
  • Arthur Mitchell – Hold for probation/parole
  • Richard Riddens – County warrant/hold for agency
  • Justin Overman – District Court bench warrant
  • Chance Arias – Serve jail time
  • Robert Swenson – Possession of controlled substance (powder or crystal), possession w/intent to deliver
  • Jillian Jaime – Hold for probation/parole
  • Taylor Macias – Serve jail time
  • Justin Edwards – Serve jail time
  • Daniel Teel – Pedestrian under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance
  • Carolyn Stice – Serve jail time
  • Ignacio Pena Valdiviezo – Fail to appear
  • Joshua Hoyer – Domestic battery (first offense)
  • Charles Carr – Fail to comply
  • Kevin DeSchneau – Hold for probation/parole
  • Nicholas Nealy – Resisting Arrest-Interfere with/Hinder…
  • Joseph Clemmons – Disturbing the peace, trespassing, public intoxication prohibited, property damage, resisting arrest
  • Nicholas Sessions – DWUI
  • Michael Stanley – Fail to appear
  • Joshua Roberts – Trespassing
  • Clinton Ide – Operating watercraft under the influence, failure to operate watercraft in accordance.., interference with peace officer
  • Jakob Porter – Hold for probation/parole
  • Joshua Pennington – Domestic battery (first offense), Apply pressure on throat or neck
  • Mark Minson – District Court bench warrant
  • Donald Young – Fail to apprear
  • Bradford Holt – DUI (0.08% BAC or more), Diving under suspension, no proof of insurance

7/11/22 – 7/13/22

  • Stephanie Piper – Fail to comply
  • David Stanley – Driving under suspension, open container in vehicle
  • Cody Urbanski – Possession of controlled substance (Schedule I, II, or III)
  • Brandie Roland – Fail to appear
  • Cody McLendon – Hold for WSP
  • Tyler Sims – Hold for probation and parole
  • John Molnar – Fail to comply
  • Christina Pavey – Hold for probation and parole
  • Jack Taber – DUI (BAC 0.08% or more), open container in moving vehicle (first offense), driving under suspension
  • Joshua Haworth – Fail to comply
  • Heath Whiting – Resisting arrest, public intoxication prohibited
  • John Shotgun – Restricted camping in the city
  • Braden Picotte – Public intoxication prohibited
  • Kathleen Roach – Hold for probation and parole
  • Robbie Hamlin-Larceny
  • Bessie Sotelo – Fail to comply x2
  • Ronnie Smith – Driving under suspension
  • Timothy Hamre – Criminal Warrant
  • Jeremy Harris – Criminal warrant, no liability insurance, possession of marijuana
  • Gwen Timm – Hold for probation and parole
  • Calvin Aubin – Fail to comply
  • Jacob Myron – Fail to appear
  • Brook Wilson – Domestic battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  • William Justis – Malicious mischief prohibited/structure, Public intoxication prohibited

7/13/22 – 7/14/22

  • John Pearce – Hold for probation and parole
  • Ryan Heidekrueger – District Court bench warrant, fail to appear, fail to comply
  • Burl Gies – Fail to appear, fail to comply
  • Ross Lopez – Violate protection order
  • Tyson Tomaiko – Drive without Interlock device (first offense), driving under suspension
  • Robert Hathaway – Courtesy hold for other agency
  • Ronald Warner – Fail to comply
  • Trenton Miller – Disturbing the peace, obstructing pedestrian
  • Hosea White – Aggravated assault and battery, possession of deadly weapon
  • Lenward Hicks – Public intoxication prohibited
  • Tory McMillen
    • interference with peace officer
    • unlawful contact (rude, insolent, or angry conduct)
    • prohibited parking parking on controlled access
    • defective or no rear view mirror
    • failure to display valid plates
    • property destroyed over $1,000
    • open container in moving vehicle

7/14/22 – 7/15/22

  • Michael Martinez – Fail to appear
  • Levi Zitterkopf – Trespassing
  • Daniel Collesano – Driving under suspension
  • Ross Nutter – County warrant/Hold for agency
  • Colter Watsabaugh – Criminal Warrant
  • Taylor Swingholm – Leaving scene of accident, failure to maintain lane, fail to report more than $1,000 property damage, no registration and improper display of, county warranty/hold for agency, compulsory auto insurance
  • Jarrett Kellch – Probation revocation
  • Larry Atwood – Criminal Warrant
  • Mark Schuessler – County warrant/hold for agency x2
  • Cody Joy – Fail to appear.

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