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Roadside Assistance Cover: What is it, and Why do I need it?

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Auto insurance is a must-have in almost every state. But which auto insurance should you choose? How much premium can you pay without feeling its burden on your wallet? With increasing expenses, it can be hard to choose the right car insurance coverage without enough information. Different types of insurance are available for automobiles, and each of them serves a different purpose.

One such auto insurance cover is for roadside assistance. What does it include, and how does it work? Do you need roadside assistance cover at all? why? Let’s find out!

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance (RSA) is not a complete insurance policy in itself but an add-on cover for existing auto insurance. The add-on increases the premium, too, so you need to be careful about choosing the right car insurance and limiting the premium amount within your budget.

But what does roadside assistance cover do?

Roadside assistance cover provides you with on-road protection in case of emergencies. It’s not a claim on the insurance policy but more of a support service offered by the insurance company.

Let’s look at an illustration to better grasp how the cover works.

Suppose you are out on a road trip and there’s a sudden car breakdown. It could be a flat tire battery, fuel, or such issues that prevent the vehicle from functioning. You can’t go forward unless the car is repaired or inspected by the mechanic.

If there’s a mechanic or garage nearby, there’s no need to worry. But if there isn’t any help around you? What if the vehicle broke down in an unknown place? You may not want to talk to strangers and ask for help. In such instances, you contact your insurer and make use of the roadside assistance cover to get help.

The insurer will either send authorized assistance from the nearest center or connect you with someone to provide guidance on the phone. Some minor issues can be fixed if you know how to do it. That way, you can get to a safer place and have the vehicle thoroughly inspected before resuming the journey.

What’s Included in Roadside Assistance Cover?

It’s important to know which services are apart of the roadside assistance cover so that you can decide if the premium increase is worth it. However, you can still get the best quotes from leading insurance companies by contacting insurance agents or third-party agencies.

The insurance agents will help you go through quotes from several insurers and compare the offers to decide on the best one for your requirements. That way, you get good protection and save money on the premium payment.

Minor Repairs: The insurer will provide a phone assistance service to help you perform the minor repairs on your own with guidance from an expert.

Towing Service: The insurance company will make arrangements for your vehicle to be towed to a nearby center. There’s a limit on the distance for towing, beyond which you’ll have to pay for the expenses.

BatteryService: A mechanic will be sent to help you restart the battery and drive it to the nearest destination.

Empty Fuel Tank: The insurance companies usually offer a fixed quantity of fuel so that you can reach the nearest gas station. There might be some additional charges by the provider.

Flat Tire Service: The insurer will send a mechanic to replace the flat tire with the spare tire so that you can summarize your journey. That said, this service may not be offered for motorbikes or two-wheelers.

Winching Service: This service is offered when the vehicle is stuck or lodged into a position and cannot be moved without additional help. You have to pay the extra charges if more than one person is needed to get the vehicle out and back on the road.

Lockout Service: It’s not uncommon for people to forget the keys in the ignition and lock themselves out of the car. The insurer will send help to unlock the door themselves or by calling a locksmith.

Travel Services: You can ask for a taxi to take you to the nearest destination, though you can avail of this service only once.

Accommodation Service: The insurance company will book accommodation for you near the garage if you request it. T&C apply. You’ll have to pay extra if you are specific about accommodation facilities.

Why Do You Need Roadside Assistance Cover?

Not everyone needs roadside assistance cover. It depends on your car’s age, performance, and lifestyle. If you are a frequent traveler and use your vehicle for traveling, the roadside assistance add-on cover will give you additional protection.

If you only drive to nearby places, don’t use your vehicle often, or already have access to free services, the cheapest auto insurance should be enough to keep you insured.


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