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Components that must be in your Travel Insurance policy

Traveling and exploring the world is one of the best ways to live life to the fullest. It can bring you closer to nature, introduce you to different people and cultures, enhance your knowledge about changing global scenarios, and what not!

However, if you have decided to travel, it is important to ensure that you are financially secured during every stage of your journey, including when you start, travel, and get back home. One of the best ways to ensure that you can make the most of your trip is by securing it with a valid travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs and losses associated with travelling. It is useful protection for those traveling domestically or abroad. There are a lot of travel insurance policies, and while their offerings might differ, here are some critical components that your Travel Insurance policy must have.

medical cover

• Coverage against medical expenses

No one wants to fall ill while on vacation. But medical complications or a serious bodily injury could arise at any time. TATA AIG travel insurance will ensure you get the necessary medical attention in case of an emergency, including dental expenses. You may also avail cashless hospitalization and COVID -19 is too covered in the age of a pandemic. TATA AIG offers travel insurance with medical cover upto $5 lac.

• Emergency Medical Evacuation

If a medical condition requires you to be transported from the place of incidence to the nearest hospital, you don’t have to worry about the expenses. If you are already admitted in a hospital and need to be taken back to your country for further medical help, your travel insurance will take care.

• Accidental Death and Repatriation

We don’t want to think about it, but it’s possible that an accident or medical emergency abroad could end up being fatal. TATA AIG’s international travel insurance policy will provide your nominee with the full sum insured amount if this happens & also take care of the cost of repatriating the individual’s remains back to India.

Journey Covers

• Coverage against trip cancellation or Curtailment

Trip cancellation coverage reimburses the policyholder for prepaid non-refundable travel expenses. The causes for acceptable cancellation or interruption, the amount of reimbursement may vary from provider to provider. Some of the common reasons include illness/sickness, death in the family or your traveling companion, whilst on your Insured Journey for trip curtailment. Trip cancellation triggers prior to start of the policy. TATA AIG’s retail travel insurance product covers up to $1000 for Trip cancellation and trip curtailment individually.

• Lost Passport

In case your passport is stolen or misplaced, our Assistance company will provide assistance to the insured by contacting appropriate authorities as well as compensating for reasonable expense in order to get a duplicate passport made.

• Theft at Home

When you’re in a foreign country, you shouldn’t have to worry about what’s going on at home. If a burglary or attempted burglary leads to any damage to your home or loss of belongings, TATA AIG international travel plan has your back. We’ll help take care of the costs to repair your home and replace your belongings, as long as your house is not left unoccupied for over 90 days

Baggage Covers

Landing up somewhere without your personal belongings can be a harrowing experience. We make it easier to manage with these covers:

• Baggage Delay:

In case there’s a delay or misdirection of your checked-in baggage by the airline, TATA AIG will reimburse you the cost of necessary personal effects items so that you can continue with your trip smoothly.

• Baggage Loss:

If your checked baggage gets lost in Theft or misdirection by the common carrier or also due to non delivery at its destination, TATA AIG will compensate you for your lost belongings. This is only applicable if your entire baggage is lost, and not for damage or partial loss of your belongings.

In conclusion:

The cost of a Travel insurance cover depends on the Plan & coverages offered by different insurers. Irrespective of the insurer you choose, please read the policy wording for understanding the coverages before making a purchase.

By Parag SeePresident and Head, Consumer lines, Tata AIG General Insurance

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